Tell me something about yourself



    Finding the opportunity

    1. Have you spent significant time learning about those who will attend the meeting? Not just who they are or what you know about them from the past but what they are thinking, feeling, saying right now?

    2. You have created a safe space for people to share vulnerably & openly. This means listening without judgement or providing feedback.

    3. You've actively sought input from all involved not just those easy to access, most positive or a guest profile.

    Big Idea

    1. You have clarity on the ideal outcome of your meeting

    2. Your goal is one that has highest good in mind of all stakeholders

    3. You are committed to a vision, but open to input from all on how it affects them and how it is achieved

    4. Your outcome is something that will be big enough to overcome differences and unite people around the idea

    5. You can get excited enough about it to inspire others

    6. You are confident enough in your idea's benefit that it will benefit all and they'll eventually see its merit - even if don't buy in immediate

    Clear message

    1. You can explain your outcome in < 30 secs

    2. You can paint the picture your outcome w/ single Q?

    3. The way you describe your outcome uses exact language matching concerns, input from stage!

    4. You can provide clear talking points so that those present can explain to others

    5. Your message uses language chosen for social transmission

    Army of Advocates

    1. You have a method to collect explicit commitment of those who but into the big idea

    2. You have, or will have by the end of the mtg, clear action steps that all can take and move forward

    3. Those who commit will have specific intrinsic (or external) incentive to act, and the support to follow through if challenges arise

    Element Zero

    1. Your outcome is centered in a greater good, not simply manipulating others to create profit, etc.

    2. You are driven by love for all who will be at the mtg.

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