Tell me something about yourself



    Find your opportunity

    1. You see a clear need or problem that affects a large number of people, whether they see it yet or not.

    2. You are actively seeking to solve this issue on lenl basis, daily

    3. You attract, like magnet, people that you help with this issue

    4. The issue you want to address affects everyone to some degree, not just those directly concerned

    Big Idea

    1. You are willing to live your entire life for this cause, even if it never gets fulfilled

    2. You are okay with working to achieve the cause, even if you don't get the credit

    3. Your cause brings out the best in people, and benefits everybody

    4. Your cause unites people that might otherwise be divided

    5. Your cause allows for and celebrate differences

    6. Your cause sees everyone of equal value

    Clear message

    1. You can explain in < 30 secs

    2. You can articulate the point by asking a single Q?

    3. When you talk about it others "get it"

    4. Your enthusiasm/confidence inspires others

    5. You have anchored msg using triggers, etc that will catch

    Army of Advocates

    1. You have identified all the top influences on/off related to cause

    2. Have relationship with influences

    3. Your personal network raises you up, empowers you

    4. When you share, others join the cause

    5. Others are talking about you, unprovoked

    6. Polarizing?

    Element 200

    1. Give your life

    2. You're okay if people speak ill of you, dragged mud

    3. Committed to greater good, not just those who agree

    4. Selfless love

    5. Continually asking how can I serve? not "how can I get people to see it my way?"

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