Life is too short to not do something you’re totally passionate about. To not do something legendary.

We’ve heard advice this like a thousand times, in the message of every motivational speaker we’ve ever heard. We’ve heard it in inspirational videos on YouTube, and in virtually every inspiring graphic that people share on social media.

The problem is that these motivational sound-bytes skip one really important idea: it can be hard to bust out of our ruts, especially if those ruts were built by a lifetime of conditioning.

Change is hard. Even small changes, such as little annoying habits, are hard to make.

And when you think about turning your whole life around 180 degrees and changing course for the next 30 years? That can be completely daunting.

Can you do it just for a moment, though?

The most important time to make change is right now

Start with just one moment. This moment right now. Can you exercise courage for just one moment? Right now, choose to live passionately and let go of the limitations and distractions. You don’t have to commit to a lifetime, just a moment. Exercise the courage to do something beyond your limitations, just for this moment right now.

Then repeat.

Then repeat it again. And again.

Keep practicing the act of living fully in the moment, until those individual moments get longer and longer, to form a string of living courageously.

Eventually you’ll create a new habit, and leave those old ruts behind… And create a legacy worth remembering.You deserve to do great things. Ignore whatever is holding you back - just for today - and do something legendary.

You deserve to do great things. Ignore whatever is holding you back – just for today – and do something legendary.

Are you ready to do something legendary?

If you want to make change in your live and leave something inspiring behind, it takes help. Not only does it take a team of people to gather around a single cause, it also helps to have support and guidance from someone who can be your second set of eyes and help you see yourself in a new light – the strengths you aren’t quite fully owning, and the limitations you can’t quite see around. That’s where a coach can help. If you’re ready to make your big change to serve the planet in a more meaningful way, sign up for a strategy session and get ready to take your message to the world.