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An invitation to receive coaching and healing as a love offering

Freely You Have Received, Freely Give

I am no longer charging for my coaching. 

In an attempt to “be the change” and help move toward a new love economy, I am making a drastic change. I am no longer attaching a price tag to my services.

After a Career as a Master Coach…

For 15 years, as a life & leadership development coach, I helped people transform their lives and organizations using the same principles and blueprint that Gandhi and Dr. King used to change the world. I did keynote speaking and consulting, ran global events, and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. I was blessed to work with some of the most inspiring leaders on the planet. My coaching clients paid me $1,250 an hour for my expertise, and I built a thriving practice without spending any money on advertising. I strictly grew my practice by reputation and word of mouth. My clients were the kind of people who are changing the world, so I had to bring something worth their time and that kind of money. I earned the reputation as being the one who “transforms the transformers.” It was an honor and a delight to be a part of their impact.

The more I studied and taught this “Go Ahead, Start A Movement” model of how to change the world, the more it came back to the work of personal transformation – “being the change” – deeper my respect grew for the profound capacity of the individual to do something brilliant in service to the planet. 

The results speak for themselves… 

But not everyone can pay $1000/hr…

I’ve paid coaches $1000/hr for their support, and $10k/day, and received profound benefit from those investments. 

However, I have also been on the other side of the equation. Having suffered a traumatic brain injury that nearly cost me my life, I know what it’s like to suffer from financial ruin. I know what it’s like to not know how to pay basic bills and costs of living, let alone afford $1,000-an-hour coaching. Did that circumstance make me any less deserving of coaching support? No. Did it make me more in need? Probably. Knowing that money can be a hindrance, I’ve long offered scholarships to those in need. But lately, I’ve been called to something more.

Being The Change

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have come to my website to learn the truth of the “be the change” quote. The idea of being the change that we want to see in the world (while not an accurate phrase said by Gandhi) does capture a true principle: 

If we see a better world than the one we are living in now, then the responsibility is ours to act in alignment with that world we envision. 

And the world that I see is one in which people support one another from a space of love, faith, and genuine relationship, not merely transactions and the exchange of services for money. I see a world in which people follow the inner whisper and respond to the invitation when Life calls them to step out in faith. Whether it’s to love a neighbor in need, or to answer a thousand Hero’s Journeys.  

Following the Inner Whisper

Life called me on a hero’s journey. After 15 years in my career, life called me to shut down my business and follow the inner whisper. Despite being terrified (and worried that I was delusional) I stepped out in faith and answered the call. In short, I placed my will and my whole being on the altar of Life, and it did something absolutely beautiful to me.

It took me a journey of profound transformation. Like a caterpillar going into the cocoon and emerging transformed, I have emerged as someone who sees clearly. I understand my true nature. I have a capacity to discern truth from error. I have an abiding peace and an unshakable knowing that all is well.  More importantly, I carry a deep, abiding love for others. I can see them as they truly are and help them let go of untrue stories. That’s a gift I’ve received. It didn’t come free, but it came without cost. It’s not something I bought; it’s something I received through grace by doing the work and surrendering again and again. Now, I feel called to use these gifts to love and serve others freely. So, I want to give this to other people.

Now, I am allowing Life to do something beautiful through me in service to others. I am committed to living in a way that supports all people. So, freely I have received from life, freely I offer to those who want to receive.

An invitation to live in a new world

This is an invitation for people to operate from a new paradigm, to shift away from transactions, to live by faith and love, and to operate from a vision of a future world we see. Like the parable of the long spoons: 

Once, a man had a vision where he saw two rooms. Each room had a large table with a big pot of delicious soup in the middle. Around each table, people were holding long spoons that were too long for them to bring the food to their mouths.

In the first room, everyone was starving and miserable because they couldn’t eat the soup with the long spoons. This was hell.

In the second room, however, the people were happy and well-fed. Instead of trying to feed themselves, they used the long spoons to feed each other across the table. By helping one another, they all enjoyed the meal. This was heaven.

That’s driving this move: creating a heaven on earth. I see a world in which we all live from love and faith and our primary focus is seeking to bless and serve one another. A world in which everyone is fully engaged and nobody goes without. 

Bringing this new world into existence requires us to move toward a new economy. An economy based on love, faith, and contribution. Like in the parable of the long spoons, if we al focus on giving instead of getting, nobody will go without.

It’s important to understand I’m not doing this as a philanthropist. I’m not just a wealthy guy giving time away for free. This is me exercising faith and moving toward that new world, supporting my family and loved ones by aligning with this vision.

Like Peter, who had no money, when asked to help someone in need, so I also say “silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I unto thee.” The healing I received, this clear lens I have been given, was a gift. And now I offer it freely to you. 

This move is also an invitation to faith. In a world where people are consumed in the pursuit of safety and security, they focus on accumulating money. When what their soul really wants is to be alive, to experience freedom, and to be a part of magic and miracles. This is an invitation to just that. It is a chance to operate from a higher paradigm, trusting that when we do God’s will and act in faith, then “all these things will be added unto you.” 

And so, I’m inviting you to join me.  

Receive Freely, Give Freely in Return

Come, receive freely. This model I’m offering honors that everyone has something different to offer. Someone might afford $50, someone else $5,000. It allows people to give what they can and not let their position stop them from receiving. 

All I ask in return is that you give freely. You’re welcome to say thanks however you like, whether it be by a gift of money or by passing on the transformation that you’ve received. I do this as an act of faith, trusting that when we circulate goodness, that goodness will come around. I invite you to receive freely and to give from a loving heart, as I have.

So what do you have to offer? You may not have $1,000 for coaching, but if whatever you offer is done as an act of faith and love, it will allow you to both be blessed and be a blessing. Faith is its own reward and can unlock miracles for us… or allow us to be part of someone else’s miracle. 

I am inviting you to become active, and an equal partner, in acting by faith in love, to create something truly beautiful in this world and in your life. 

So receive fully, and such as you have – whether little or much – offer in faith. Come, step into this new world with me, to help create a heaven on earth.

Ways To Give Freely 

Of course, your love offering can be money. (That does help pay the utilities.)

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A New Path to Healing

After years of coaching thought leaders, a profound spiritual awakening transformed my approach. I now offer my gifts from a space of love, focusing on healing and enlightenment. This shift allows me to connect deeply with individuals, helping them find their true path and live from a place of faith and love.

Embracing Love and Faith

My journey has led me to a place where I give freely, trusting in the abundance of the universe. This approach fosters genuine connections and profound transformations, allowing you to experience life in its fullest, most beautiful form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about my coaching approach, showing gratitude, and more.

Why are you offering free coaching?

I believe in the principle of freely giving what I have received. This new model is about living from a place of love, faith, and relationship rather than transactions and monetary exchanges.

How can I show my gratitude for the coaching?

You can show your gratitude through a love offering, which can be a monetary gift or any other form of thanks such as a testimonial, social media shoutout, or passing on the transformation you’ve received to others.

Are you a philanthropist?

No, I am not a philanthropist. At least not in the traditional sense. I’m giving freely, but not out of material abundance. I live month-to-month like many others, but I choose to operate from faith and love rather than fear. This is an act of faith for me, and I trust that life will provide for my needs as I support others. This is an opportunity for people to be part of that magic, knowing their faith can be part of someone else’s miracle.

Can I really book coaching for free?

Yes, you can book coaching for free. While there is no set fee, I trust that you will give what you can as an act of faith and gratitude.

What if I have very little to give?

If you genuinely don’t have much to give, be at peace with that. Just come ready to receive and be blessed. Your presence and commitment to make use of what you receive are what matter most.

What if someone abuses this offering?

While some may take advantage, the invitation is for people to participate in good faith. Those who genuinely wish to receive and grow will find ways to give back, even if it’s not monetary. The process is designed to foster integrity and mutual support.

Is This Only For One Time Coaching, Or Can We Work Together Regularly?

The booking link on this page is designed for single session coaching. If you are interested in receiving support on a regular basis we can absolutely discuss an arrangement, using the same principles of freely giving and receiving, to book a standing time that works for you.

Is this approach religious?

The principles I follow and share are universal truths that apply regardless of religious orientation. This approach is about finding and living from a place of love, peace, and connection, which can enhance any belief system or way of life.

What are untrue stories?

Untrue stories are beliefs that limit our experience of life, causing us to shrink, hide, or suffer. These are stories that steal our peace and make us less than who we truly are. The truth, on the other hand, sets us free and empowers us. Our work together will help you identify and let go of these untrue stories, allowing you to live a fuller, more authentic life.

An untrue story is anything that steals our peace, anything that makes us less of who we really are. It’s anything we tell ourselves that gets in the way of experiencing life beautifully—expanding, growing, feeling light. True stories set us free, lift us, help us let go of suffering, feel peace, empowerment, and strength. I won’t tell you what the truth is; I’ll invite you to see what is true for yourself. This invitation is to find more beauty, joy, peace, strength, clarity, gratitude, magic, faith, and miracles.

Living from Love

Universal Principles

At Joseph Ranseth, we embrace universal principles that transcend religious boundaries. Our focus is on living from a place of love, peace, and connection. These principles guide us to foster a life filled with harmony and mutual respect. By prioritizing love and faith over material transactions, we create a space where genuine transformation can occur.

We believe that true growth comes from nurturing relationships and supporting each other. This approach encourages a deeper connection with oneself and others, promoting a life of fulfillment and joy. Our methods are designed to help you tap into these universal truths, allowing you to experience a more profound sense of peace and well-being.

By living from a place of love, we open ourselves to the magic of life. This practice not only enriches our own lives but also positively impacts those around us. Join us in this journey of transformation, where love and faith become the foundation of a more meaningful and connected existence.

Identifying Untrue Stories

Untrue stories are the limiting beliefs that hold us back from experiencing life to its fullest. These are the narratives we tell ourselves that create fear, doubt, and suffering. At Joseph Ranseth, we help you identify these untrue stories and guide you through the process of letting them go.

Through our coaching, you’ll learn to recognize the patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you. We’ll work together to replace these limiting beliefs with empowering truths that align with your authentic self. This process of transformation allows you to live a life of greater freedom, peace, and authenticity.

Booking Your Session

Coaching Opportunities

Booking a single session coaching with Joseph Ranseth is a straightforward process. Simply use the booking link provided on our website to schedule your session. While there is no set fee, we encourage you to give what you can as an act of faith and gratitude.

If you find value in our sessions and wish to continue working together regularly, we can discuss an arrangement that suits your needs. Our approach remains the same, focusing on freely giving and receiving. This allows us to maintain a space of love and support, fostering continuous growth and transformation.

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