I recently had the delight of having a chat with Dr. Louise Swartswalter, host of the Brain Soul Success Podcast.

Dr. Louise is a brilliant healer who was an integral part of my path of healing from a traumatic brain injury… but that’s not what this conversation was about!

In this conversation, we discuss how Life is speaking to us and how easy it is to miss the messages if we aren’t listening, are closed off, or are too preoccupied with the wrong things. (Basically, doing what the mainstream does.)

In this laughter- and tear-filled conversation, we unearthed many random nuggets, including:

  • How the first feared change to my business model due to the pandemic was actually a profound gift
  • The unexpected parenting strategy that I use to create intimacy and laughter no matter what
  • Why the Hero’s Journey we are called in is both the crowning achievement of life but also overemphasized
  • Why many coaching models are sometimes counter-productive
  • And, of course, I share a preview of my new book, Let’s Stay Here. 

Listen to the conversation here:


In the conversation, I read two poems from my new book, Let’s Stay Here.

Here is the first one:

If you enjoyed the second one, and want me to post the graphic for it, comment here to let me know!

Want more poems of truth and love? Grab your copy of Let’s Stay Here today!