In starting any movement, you need to earn trust before you can build an army of advocates for the cause.

I was recently quoted in Forbes on how to build trust within an organization.

(They could have easily just asked Teresa de Grosbois, the master of influence, as my tips as beautifully expounded upon in her book: Mass Influence.)

Here’s what I shared:

The product of trust is influence, but the currency of influence is relationship. To cultivate deeper trust, we need to build relationships. Let leaders bring their personalities to work. Let them put the task at hand aside to focus on the person at hand. Where there is appreciation, there is an enormous amount of trust. Those don’t come through policy; they come through relationship. —Joseph Ranseth

The point: the currency of influence is relationship. To build trust, you need to build relationship. As people see you, living in your truth, and acting in integrity, they will give you their trust. That’s when movements can start.

The world is waiting for your Big Idea.

Go ahead, start a movement.