In my other post, I outlined some of the great life lessons I learned (or tried to learn) in 2009.

This note is about some of the lighter things that I learned from my 2009 experience:

  1. When Bob Proctor tells you that you are wrong about something, he’s not going to change his mind. Face it, you’re wrong. It’s his house, he decides when he is right and you are wrong.
  2. If you spend the whole winter away from Canada, the border police won’t believe that you’re only bringing $20 worth of goods back with you… and they’ll tear your entire car apart to prove themselves wrong.
  3. When you tell people that you are in a reality show, they give you special treatment nearly anywhere you go. (Even if that reality show is your own YouTube channel)
  4. Seat warmers are nice in -30 weather.  Someone should invent speaker warmers for -30 weather, though… I might still have all 12 speakers in my Bose 12 speaker system if they did.
  5. Scottsdale Arizona has a much nicer winter than Winnipeg Manitoba, but black leather interior isn’t so smart for Arizona summers.
  6. When someone with 0 friends requests you on Facebook and you are suspicious, you are usually right.
  7. If you decide to crash a body-painting convention, make sure you shave your chest.
  8. If you post pictures of yourself driving your shiny yellow car all over the USA, your Canadian insurance company is not likely to cover accidents.
  9. $1200 is an expensive way to replace 1 tire on your car when you let someone else drive it over a big rock.
  10. When a drunk friend posts a mean message on your Facebook wall and then later apologizes with a private message, 3500 facebook friends don’t see the apology.
  11. Decreases in your net worth due to mathematical errors are easier to handle than ones due to stupid decisions.
  12. Learning to play love songs on guitar is probably more satisfying when the person you’re singing them for actually shows up.
  13. Despite having a major crush on Kelly Clarkson for the last several years, I don’t regret not going on a date with her when I had the chance. (Yeah, she might not feel the same way, but that’s okay…)

Overall, 2009 was a great, funny, exciting, adventurous and satisfying year. I’m hoping to learn different lessons in 2010, though. 🙂

How about you? What happened in 2009 that might have sucked at first, but looking back you are now able to laugh about it?