I like to keep things simple with my marketing strategy, and you should too.  Here’s why: keeping things simple gets results.

It is far better to master one technique, than to do twenty at a lower capacity.  We see this with small business owners all the time… they try to do sales, marketing, bookkeeping, administration, support, etc, all on top of their primary function. (You know, the widget that makes money.)

This article isn’t about the dangers of multi-tasking and the need to focus our efforts, though.

It’s about the power that flows into ALL of our efforts when we master the single most important thing: our message.

The purpose of social media marketing is very simple. It is to create an increase in your:

  • Visibility
  • Credibility
  • Profitability

But, why is it that two different businesses, with equal visibility do not enjoy the same credibility and end up with far different profitability as well?

The reason is the message.  Remember, that core function that makes you money? It’s not just a widget, it should be an expression of who you are. In fact, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) should be considered a spiritual experience. If it isn’t, you aren’t getting the results you deserve… I guarantee it.

There are two critical elements to manifesting your dreams through social media marketing:

  1. A crystal clear picture of your vision
  2. Crystal clear expression, or communication, of that vision

If you want to ‘dominate a marketplace’ or bring to reality the fullest expression of your dreams (pick the language that is most comfortable to you), then you need to take the time to really get clear on what your vision is.  I’m not talking about having a vision board with your dream home and bags of money. It’s not the end result… it’s about the journey.

What is it that will have you so inspired that you jump out of bed without an alarm clock?

What will fill you so much excitement that you don’t want to go to sleep at night?

Your business isn’t about putting in 8 hours so you can then go home and eat with your family. Your business should be the fullest expression of why you are on the planet. You have unique gifts and talents that deserve to have a voice. When you get absolutely clear on what that voice needs to say, you are untouchable in the marketplace. You will have something that nobody else will ever compete with… the value that you add will be completely unique, and you will never have to compete on price again.

Once YOU have clarity on what that gift is that you have to offer to others, you need to make sure it is clearly communicated to those who are listening.  While there are many “self-help gurus” and teachers to help you refine your vision, they all fail in connecting the bridge to the marketplace and your target audience.  Moses may have gotten the law on the top of Mount Sinai, but it didn’t do anyone any good until he brought it down to the people.

Social media has the power to explode your business and make your dreams a reality.  Your success depends on effectively communicating your inspired value proposition to those who are asking the question: “what can you do for me?”