After several years in Lisa Sasevich’s Sassy Mastermind, I’ve learned a few things that have allowed me to scale my business and exceed even my greatest expectations. I’ve written this post to help you, the new Sassies, to do the same.

If you’re reading this post, it’s because you saw in the mastermind group. (It isn’t publicly published, so consider yourself special!)

Sassy Group

To make the most out of your time here, there are 7 things you’ll want to remember and implement. Over the years, I’ve watched people come and go, and these are the things that make the difference between doing okay, and absolutely rocking it.

Here they are:

Connection calls!

Everything you need is here on Planet Sassy. Invest the time to build relationships with others in the community. As much as you are paying for a mastermind, in the end, it’s the relationships that lead to the quantum leaps (and favors) that will help take your message to the world in a bigger way.

Serve first.

Connected to the above, look to lift as you climb. Nobody likes a taker, but conversely, everybody loves a giver. Approach the relationships in the community with a true attitude of service and you’ll bank so much karma that you won’t be able to hold back the flow.

Sassy Divine Providence

Ask for help. 

Yes, you, the one who has a hard time asking for anything? Ask. Ask for help. You are here because you have a mission that matters and a message that the world needs. So do the rest of us. Helping you with your mission will actually be aligned with so many of the rest of our missions that to not ask for help is to not let us express our own purpose to the fullest. That crap won’t stand here. Let’s go get busy changing the world together, shall we? Ask for help.

Take action. 

Pardon my francais but if you want to surprise yourself with quantum leap success, just take massive motherfucking action. Set a date, hold the preview call, make the offer. You can’t improve what doesn’t exist in the “out there” world, and no amount of tweaking what exists only in your head (or office walls, or notebooks) will transform lives, change the world, bring in enough money to buy a pony for your grandkids or whatever else it is that motivates you. Get it out to the world. Take action.Sassy UBS

Raise your rates. 

This is a tactical issue, but far more, it’s a self-worth issue. Let your rates reflect the value of the transformation your prospects will receive, not the hourly rate you think your time is worth. You’re not a plumber (most of you, at least), you’re a world changer. World changers don’t punch a clock and charge by the hour.

Name it. 

Having a named brand – and a unique branded system – that you can feel proud of will give you confidence, professionalism, and most importantly it will give your clients confidence that you know what the heck you are doing and that the investment is worthwhile. Having a name also gives you conviction when speaking with prospects and makes your offering far more memorable to the person you met at the networking event, who listened to your talk/podcast/summit, etc. If you need help naming it, ask. (See above.)
Sassy Speaking

Skip the crap, hone your craft.

Don’t waste your time doing your books, figuring out WordPress, setting up your CRM, or even booking your own flights. Pay someone the few bucks it’ll take to have them worry about it so you can invest the time into honing your craft. You’ll never be the best in the world at what you do if you’re trying to design your own banner ad. (Unless designing your own banner ad is your life purpose, in which case, have at it.) Spend your time becoming the fullest expression of your true nature and surround yourself with others whose work compliments your own. Like the cheesy cliche poster says: team work makes the dream work. Don’t put your dreams on hold while you learn how confusionsoft works. (In fact, just skip it altogether and get ClickFunnels instead. Trust me, it’ll change your life.) Your mission deserves all your time and energy, and the world needs you living your mission.


…the world has been waiting.

If you want to do a connection call, I’m happy to chat more with anyone. I’m a professional keynote speaker and I teach people how to start movements. I have lots of experience in leading teams and all things digital, as well as a journey of integrating spiritual life into business practices. Happy to help however I can. Just reach out by Facebook or email if you’d like to set up a time to connect.