Want to start a movement with your business? Or maybe just want to hear the story of my biggest failure? Emergency landings and near-death experiences?

No matter what your reason, you are going to want to listen to this episode of The Brand Journalism Advantage with Phoebe Chongchua. I had so much fun talking to Phoebe about what it means to build a movement and how to inspire others to do good in the world. I shared how a movement transcends the age-old selling proposition; how it engineers transformation, it inspires, and it stays with someone for life. How this is a timeless process that we can see repeated throughout history; figures like Dr. King and Gandhi drew people together through a similar method. I shared the Three Step Blueprint that they utilized, which you can use to personally inspire positive change in the world.

If that isn’t enough reason to listen, I also shared with her a time that things didn’t go perfectly for me. And how even in the midst of potential failure, I discovered that if we can be open to it, we can find a purpose in the situation and be vulnerable enough to allow our shortcomings to become a strength.

Oh, and I talked about my near-death experience on an airplane — if that doesn’t get you to listen, I’m not sure what will.

Click play below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

More about Phoebe Chongchua:

Phoebe Chongchua is passionate about her work as a multimedia Brand Journalist and Marketing Consultant. She’s also the host/reporter at PCIN.TV. After 15 years in TV News as an Anchor/Reporter, she launched The Brand Journalism Advantage to help companies and entrepreneurs tell their own powerful stories and attract attention and clients. Phoebe founded PCIN.TV, an Internet TV Station, that covers lifestyle, travel, wellness, and business stories.