What gives a movement its true power? How do we get there?

On this episode of the Conscious Consultant with Sam Liebowitz, I discussed how to start a movement. But, unlike other times you may have heard me speak about this topic, Sam and I dove deeper into the transformational internal work that truly fuels any great movement.



Gandhi and Dr. King—while they had powerful, clear messages and an army of followers—did not achieve greatness simply upon their drive for change alone; they underwent a spiritual transformation in their lives that gave them the power to achieve their results. Their Big Ideas were in line with the profound truth that we are all connected, and they did the inner work to align with that vision.

These internal transformations are within our grasp; we only need to bridge the gap between the internal, spiritual world and the changes we are trying to make in the outer.


Intrigued? Click play below to listen to the conversation and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Sam Liebowitz

Our conscious consultant Sam Liebowitz discusses all types of topics to help you raise your consciousness. Sam takes a holistic look at life that includes your career, business, relationships, spiritual development, healing, and sustainable living. Most of all, this is all about how to walk through life with the greatest ease and joy. Sam is the host of the Conscious Consultant Hour on Talking Alternative and he operates the Double Diamond Wellness Center in Manhattan.