The power in any marketing campaign, social media or otherwise (or in any area of life for that matter) comes from consistency.

Facebook is a very powerful consideration in your Social Media Marketing campaign. It most cases, (but necessarily all), it should be considered an essential element of your marketing. This article is intended to show you how to most efficiently – and effectively – expand your reach through social media by using Facebook.

The power in any marketing campaign, social media or otherwise (or in any area of life for that matter) comes from consistency. To be most effective we must be doing small things on a regular basis, not trying to do large things intermittently. Remember the tortoise & the hare? 🙂

Daily Facebook Marketing Strategies

Here are a few simple but very powerful strategies to use on a weekly, or even daily basis, to maximize your presence on facebook.

  • Join Groups – Each time you log in, do a search for some groups with your key words. (The words related to your product or service. ie: If you are an author, join groups about your book topic, etc) The more members in the group, the better!
  • Introduce Yourself – After you join the group, introduce yourself by writing on the wall. You can tell a bit about yourself, offer some tips or insights, maybe even put a link to your site or twitter account. Let people know that they can be your friend if they have similar interests. You can also participate in the discussions that are happening within the group.
  • Make Friends – See who else has introduced themselves on the wall, or who else is participating in discussions. When you ask to be their friend, include a personal note about where you saw them and why you’d like to connect. Also, be sure to make friends (and build relationships) with the admins of the groups.
  • Create Your Own Group – You can start a group that allows you to share your unique thoughts & insights on your topic. You don’t have to do it alone, either. You can invite other people that you know & trust to be an admin for the group to help out.
  • Make a Fan Page – If you have content that is valuable, and you are at least a quasi-expert, set up a fan page. This is very similar to your personal profile page, except their is no limit to how many fans you can have, and you don’t need to approve anyone before they can participate on your page.
    • For more info on how to create a fan page, check this tutorial by Socialbees.
    • Note: DO NOT make a fan page if you are a nobody and have no value to offer anyone. That is just tacky and will drive people further away from your goal of making friends who know, like & trust you.
  • Invite Others to Join Your Group or Become a Fan – Each time you accept someone as a friend, or they approve your friend request, send them an invitation to join your group or become your fan.

Just make it a daily habit to spend 10-15 minutes making relationships on Facebook with these strategies.  Remember that the goal of all social media interactions are to create genuine relationships… so when you connect with someone that may be a good contact for you, move to offline (email, phone, in-person, etc) to create a deeper communication and stronger relationship.

Begin With The End In Mind

These tasks can seem mundane if you don’t have the vision of WHY you are doing it. ALWAYS, Always, always remember that the point of all social media is to build relationships. When you have a network of people that know, like & trust you, you can ask them to promote your products, you can do Joint-Ventures, webinars, teleseminars, etc. You can ask them for referrals and you can provide service back to them as well.

In Social Media Marketing, the adage is true, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Use these strategies with that vision in mind, cultivating deep, meaningful relationships and you WILL be successful.